The FlightGear Husky

This is where you can find all of my custom FlightGear liveries. All completed liveries are free and available for download, and are guaranteed to be compatible with the latest stable version of FlightGear (currently 2020.3.6). Check back often for new content!

What's New

29 March 2021
Alaska Airlines 707 livery released.

25 February 2021
Both Alaska Airlines DHC-6 Twin Otter liveries receive minor updates to texture files.

06 February 2021
Space Shuttle Endeavour livery released.

01 February 2021
Space Shuttle Columbia livery released.

28 January 2021
Space Shuttle Challenger livery released.

25 January 2021
Website goes live.
Space Shuttle Discovery livery released.
Bare metal liveries for B-25/B-25J and DC-3/C-47.

22 January 2021
Website essentially complete, all existing completed liveries uploaded.

30 December 2020
Website development started.

20 December 2020
Vintage Alaska Airlines livery released for the FGAddon DC-3/C-47.

14 November 2020
Two Royal Canadian Air Force liveries released for the FGAddon B-25/B-25J.
USAAF B-25 livery updated to HD (2048x2048) resolution.
Alaska Airlines Q400 livery removed after FlightGear 2020.3.2 updated the aircraft and corrected the livery.

24 October 2020
Three United States Coast Guard liveries (1939, 1950s, and Modern) released for Buckaroo's Grumman Goose under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

19 October 2020
Fictional USAAF livery released for the FGAddon B-25/B-25J Mitchell.
Fictional Alaska Airlines liveries (short and long nose) released for the FGAddon DHC-6 Twin Otter.
Corrected Alaska Airlines livery for the FGAddon Q400 released, adding the missing "Alaska" logo on the forward fuselage.

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