The FlightGear Husky


This site serves as a general repository and display for the liveries that I have created for the FlightGear flight simulator.

I started creating liveries for FlightGear in October 2020, and continued making liveries on a more-or-less-monthly basis through May 2022 (by which point I no longer had the time available to continue doing so). I'm currently in my freshman year of college, but hopefully I'll be able to return to the livery-making hobby at some point in the future.

The liveries that I create generally fall into one of two categories, "real" and "realistic". The former consists of liveries that depict various paint schemes worn by actual aircraft at some point in time (such as my Alaska Airlines Boeing 707). The latter includes what I refer to as "realistic" (or "semi-realistic") liveries. These are paint schemes that could theoretically exist, but don't. For example, although the United States Coast Guard doesn't fly any DHC-6s Twin Otters (and to my knowledge never has), a USCG Twin Otter might look something like this (or this), if one were to exist.


Each livery download includes a corresponding README.TXT file. This file contains information about the specific livery in question, as well as installation instructions. Also contained within is a series of folders mimicking the subfolder arrangement of the aircraft that the livery is intended to be used with. The location of texture files and .XML files within this folder structure is identical to the locations that they should be copied to within the directory of the aircraft in question. Once extracted, the textures and associated .XML file should be placed in the corresponding folders in the file directory for the aircraft in question. More specific instructions are included in each livery's README file.

All livery downloads are .ZIP files, and I personally guarantee that they are entirely safe to download from this site.


Unless stated otherwise, liveries are released under the GNU General Public License v2.0, the same license that FlightGear itself is released under.

Licensing information can be found at the bottom of the page for each livery, and non-GPLv2 licenses are marked like this.

Contact Me

I can be found on the official FlightGear forum as Husky Dynamics.

The FlightGear Husky is in no way affiliated with any airline or its affiliates.
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